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Choosing Kindness (+ a coloring page for you)

No one need reiterate how exhausting 2020 has been.

I was so over it way back in June.

And, dunno 'bout you, but these last couple weeks- particularly if you live in the United States- have left me a totally drained, unfocused bundle of over-caffeinated nail-biting nerves.

So much emotional investment.

So many hurt feelings.

So. Much. Drama.

And while I’m not going to be one of those people who dismisses the last nine months as Water Under the Bridge,* I am here to make a plea for kindness.

Not niceness.

I’m not here for niceness.

Niceness helps us feel ok about not being kind- because at least we were nice.

Niceness is about being polite. It's superficial. It can be faked.

But Kindness... Kindness is much more than that.

Kindness requires work.

Kindness requires active compassion.

Kindness demands our emotional bandwidth.

Kindness means we have to care enough about people to expect more from them.

Even when they're crappy. Especially if they're crappy.

Keep your dismissive niceness. I’m here for the Kindness.

If you’re onboard the Kindness train, too, I’ve got a free downloadable coloring page for you!

Choo! Choo!**

*Because, if anything, we’ve discovered that the bridge is on fire. And the water is on fire. And there’s no way we can ignore this and not deal with our major issues.

**Sorry. I know I'm a total dork.

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Whimsical Weekend
Whimsical Weekend

Love the coloring page! I also agree... I’m here for true kindness! 😍🥰

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